Microsoft Xbox Live Card 240 Points (Xbox One)

Microsoft Xbox Live Card 240 Points (Xbox One)
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Microsoft Cards (aka Xbox LIVE Cards, or Xbox Cards) are the virtual currency in the Xbox LIVE marketplace. 

Microsoft Card is a universal system that works across international borders, and is even available if you don't have a credit card. 

They can be used at the Xbox Live Marketplace to purchase games, themes, Gamertag pictures, original Xbox titles, game expansion material (vehicles, maps, songs, etc.) and other downloadable content. 

They can also be used to change a user's Gamertag. 

What can i do with mircosoft cards? 

Points let everyone on Xbox LIVE-Silver and Gold members-pick up content to enhance their entertainment experience, opening up the Marketplace to everyone in the world that is connected to Xbox LIVE. 

But the big deal here is that Points allow what technical types call "micro-transactions." 

On the original Xbox LIVE, transactions had to be around five dollars U.S., the minimum for most credit cards. 

But with Microsoft Cards, the price for most anything-maps, skins, levels, demos, and more-can be much lower than that. 

That's a big deal. 

For example, say you want to get one of the new maps for your favorite shooter, but you're not that interested in a few of the others. Lucky for you, Marketplace can offer each map individually for just a few points. 

Now that's savings. 

  • Buy In-game Items - Cards can get you more than just maps and other multiplayer-focused features. For example, some games offer individual pieces of equipment, weapons, and other goodies that you can redeem Points for in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, even though it may be an offline, single-player game.
  • Buy Games - You can even find games created by other Xbox LIVE users in the Community Games section. Check out the free demo, and if if you like the game, you can buy it for just a few hundred points.
  • Rent Movies - Instantly download HD movies, TV shows and Xbox LIVE Arcade games.

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